Coronavirus - Visual Impairment



General resources - scented/thick felt pens, yellow rulers/protractor, large rulers/numbers protractor

Specialist equipment for the unique Visual Impairment needs of child

Using Low vision aids such as magnifiers – prescribed by Opticians


Books and adapted materials    

RNIB Bookshare - Providing books and diagrams in accessible ways for individuals with visual impairment or dyslexia.

See the 'Resources' section at the end of the page for the Bookshare instruction pack for parents

See the 'Resources' section at the end of the page for the Bookshare instruction pack for children


RNIB Cymru - A transcription unit in Cardiff that adapts books to Braille or large print through the medium of Welsh.

Custom Eyes –  Books adapted to any font size at the normal price of the book.

Living Paintings - A charity that provides free Braille and tactile books in English.

Seeing Ear - A charity that provides free Braille or large print books in English.

Clearvision - A service that provides tactile books, in large print, or Braille

Calibre Audio Books - A charity that provides audio books for visually impaired adults and children, other disabilities or dyslexia.


 Cymdeithas y Deillion Gogledd Cymru

Charities and organisations providing support

RNIB - A charity that provides support for visually impaired individuals or their families.

North Wales Society for the Blind - The North Wales Society for the Blind provides practical and emotional support to blind and partially sighted people and children throughout North Wales.

Guide Dogs Cymru - A charity providing mobility, emotional support, grants for equipment, family events and guide dogs.

Centre of Sign Sight Sound - A charity that provides support for individuals with sensory impairment.

RDA - A charity that provides opportunities for individuals with visual impairments or disabilities to experience riding.

VICTA -  A charity providing activities, information and financial sponsorship for visually impaired individuals.

Wonderbaby - A website providing information on visual impairment developed for providing information to parents.

Partially Sighted Society - A company that provides resources such as heavy line workbooks, rulers, protractors, customized school diaries etc.




Life Skills:

Seeing AI



Visual attention:

Art of Glow

Fluidity HD


As a Magnifying-glass:

Claro Magx

Seeing Assistant

Visor magnifier- (about £6.99)

Language and stories:

Llyfrau Bach Magi Ann

Llyfrau Hwyl Magi Ann

Snap Type

The Little Mermaid/ The Fox and the Crow/ Pinocchio

Kidlo bedtime stories  


Trace Numbers

Cyfri gyda Cyw


Baby rattle toys free

Bounce Original

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street

Balloon Mania

Baby Games- Ballon Pop

Flow Free


Ideas and activities

 sgiliau gwrando

Datblygu/ cryfhau sgiliau gwrando                              

Paths to

While students with a visual impairment all depend on their ability to listen, they may need help to develop skills to help them to do so more effectively. Young children will benefit from practice with auditory discrimination, or learning to tell which sounds are associated with activities or events. Learning to identify and interpret auditory cues in the environment are an important component of traveling safely and independently. Listening skills include listening comprehension (understanding what we have heard), sound localization (being able to tell where a sound is coming from), and auditory discrimination (identifying what a sound is).

Some ideas to develop/strengthen listening skills

-          Read with your child

-          Play listening games- locate sounds - very near, near, far, very far/ copy clapping patterns/ musical instruments

-          Play a game ‘I can hear with my little ear………’

-          Sing/ listen to music



Useful websites                      

Developing listening skills in Students who are blind or visually Impaired

Developing listening and auditory skills for

students who are blind or visually impaired

Helping your blind child develop effective listening skills

Using story time to teach listening skills


Useful apps           

Canu Selog 2

Caneuon Cŵl 1

Caneuon Cŵl 2

Byd Cyw

 sgiliau crydhau bysedd

Skill development: strengthening fingers

Young children with a vision impairment will profit from exercises to develop their finger strengthening skills, in order to prepare them for developing their typing/ braille skills later on.

Here are some ideas for games/activities to do at home in order to develop these skills:

  • Create objects (e.g. animals)/ shapes out of clay/ play doh – rolling, forming a ball, separating, create large and small shapes
  • Building with lego
  • Creating shapes/ letters in sand/ soil/ paint
  • Creating a puppet out of an old sock 
  • Sorting toys into sizes/ colours
  • Marbles – rolling, counting, sorting
  • Thread beads on string
  • Pick up a variety of objects with pegs
  • Decorate fairy cakes (squeezing a tube of icing/ placing small decorations)
  • Create a picture/ collage by cutting different pieces of paper into small pieces and placing them on the picture/ rolling crepe paper into small balls and glue them onto the picture
  • Creating patterns/ animals out of pipe cleaners


Useful websites                                                     

Decorate a picture (e.g. an Easter Egg) using resources such as buttons

Collecting resources from your walk (e.g. leaves, pebbles, shells and create a collage/ sort into shapes/colours/size)

Fine motor skills – pencil control, cutting skills, dot to dot, creating patterns with buttons, practicing tracing/ forming numbers

(create an account by entering email and the username PARENTSTWINKLHELPS for a month’s free account)


Useful Apps                  


Awesome Xylophone

Tap the Frog

Dexteria Jr (£3.99)


Developing vision

It is important to develop the residual vision that a child has. The booklet provides various activities that you could try at home.

Link i ddogfen pecyn golwg gweithredol


Independent living skills                                 

It is important for pupils with a visual impairment to develop skills which promote them to be as indepedent as possible in the future. Here are some useful ideas.


1. Equipment. Useful and adapted equipment to aid independence in the links below


2. Cooking skills. Here are some useful links and videos.


Links: (General cooking skills)


3) Dressing skills. Links with advice about independent dressing skillsand organisation.




4. Self-care, household and hygiene




Organisations that provide support especially during the COVID 19 pandemic   

Note these activities are not suitable for all age groups

Keeping fit

Ideas and resources from Paths to literacy-

Messy /Creative play

Ideas and resources from Positive Eye

VICTA - A network for parents which provides support and ideas from other parents who care for children with a visual impairment

Look - providing support for parents and families of children with a visual impairment

RNIB – Various sources of information

RNIB CYPF providing support and advice for children and families supporting children with a visual impairment 



    • Name: Habilitation Information Leaflet - Developing independence for children with vision impairments.pdf
    • Language: English
    • Description: This information leaflet covers the following - What is ‘Habilitation’ (Mobility, Orientation and Independent Living Skills (ILS))?; Why Habilitation?; The Qualified Habilitation Specialist (QHS); Transitions
    • Welsh version: Pamffled Symuded a Sefydlu - Datblygu annibyniaeth i blant gyda nam golwg
    • Name: iPad and iPhone Accessibility.pdf
    • Language: English
    • Description: There are many ways to make the iPad or iPhone more accessible for the pupils with vision impairments - how to magnify/Zoom, use large Font, 'voice-over and useful apps for ‘accessibility’.
    • Welsh version: Hygyrchedd iPad ac iPhone
    • Name: North Wales Society for the Blind Equipment poster.pdf
    • Language: English
    • Description: If your child uses specialist equipment in school and needs the same equipment to complete tasks and schoolwork when at home, then we may be able to help find grants to help you get them.
    • Welsh version: Offer Cymdeithas y Deillion Gogledd Cymru Poster
    • Name: Cyfarwyddiadau rhaglen Teipio Testun - Instructions on how to use Teipio Testun.pdf
    • Language: Dwyieithog / Bilingual
    • Description: Teipio Testun - Dysgwch sut i deipio gyffwrdd (touch type) - Learn how to touch type
    • Name: Pecyn golwg gweithredol - Developing vision pack.pdf
    • Language: Dwyieithog / Bilingual
    • Description: Gan gynnwys sgiliau torri, 'gweithgaredd tebyg neu wahanol', sganio, tudalennau lliwio, chwilair, a sganio a tracio - Including cutting skills, 'same or different activity', scanning, colouring in, wordsearch, and scanning and tracking
    • Name: RNIB Bookshare Cyfarwyddiadau i blant - Instructions for children.pdf
    • Language: Dwyieithog / Bilingual
    • Description: Cyfarwyddiadau RNIB Bookshare ar gyfer disgyblion - RNIB Bookshare instructions for pupils
    • Name: RNIB Bookshare Cyfarwyddiadau i rieni - Instructions for parents.pdf
    • Language: Dwyieithog / Bilingual
    • Description: Cyfarwyddiadau ar gyfer rhieni - Instruction pack for parents
    • Name: Hygyrchedd iPad ac iPhone.pdf
    • Language: Cymraeg
    • Description: Mae llawer o ffyrdd i wneud yr iPad neu iPhone yn haws i ddefnyddio ar gyfer ddisgyblion nam golwg, ac yn gyffredinol - sut i chwyddo'r sgrin, defnyddio ffont mawr, 'voice-over' ac apiau defnyddiol ar gyfer 'hygyrchedd'.
    • English version: iPad and iPhone Accessibility
    • Name: Offer Cymdeithas y Deillion Gogledd Cymru Poster.pdf
    • Language: Cymraeg
    • Description: Os yw'ch plentyn yn defnyddio offer arbenigol yn yr Ysgol ac angen yr un offer adref i gwblhau tasgau a gwaith ysgol, Yna efallai y byddwn yn gallu helpu i ddod o hyd i grantiau i'ch helpu i'w cael.
    • English version: North Wales Society for the Blind Equipment poster
    • Name: Pamffled Symuded a Sefydlu - Datblygu annibyniaeth i blant gyda nam golwg.pdf
    • Language: Cymraeg
    • Description: Mae'r pamffled hwn yn cynnwys y canlynol - Beth yw Symudedd a Sefydlu (Habilitation) (Symudedd, Cyfeiriadedd a Sgiliau Byw yn Annibynnol); Pam Symudedd a Sefydlu? Y Swyddog Symudedd a Sefydlu Cymwys; Trosglwyddiadau
    • English version: Habilitation Information Leaflet - Developing independence for children with vision impairments