Developing fine motor skills and strengthening fingers

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Suggestions on how to develop fine motor skills and strengthening fingers

Young children with a vision impairment will profit from exercises to develop their finger strengthening skills, in order to prepare them for developing their typing/ braille skills later on.

Here are some ideas for games/activities to do at home in order to develop these skills:

  • Create objects (e.g. animals)/ shapes out of clay/ play doh – rolling, forming a ball, separating, create large and small shapes
  • Building with lego
  • Creating shapes/ letters in sand/ soil/ paint
  • Creating a puppet out of an old sock 
  • Sorting toys into sizes/ colours
  • Marbles – rolling, counting, sorting
  • Thread beads on string
  • Pick up a variety of objects with pegs
  • Decorate fairy cakes (squeezing a tube of icing/ placing small decorations)
  • Create a picture/ collage by cutting different pieces of paper into small pieces and placing them on the picture/ rolling crepe paper into small balls and glue them onto the picture
  • Creating patterns/ animals out of pipe cleaners


Useful websites on how to develop fine motor skills and strengthening fingers   

Decorate a picture (e.g. an Easter Egg) using resources such as buttons -

Collecting resources from your walk (e.g. leaves, pebbles, shells and create a collage/ sort into shapes/colours/size) -

Fine motor skills – pencil control, cutting skills, dot to dot, creating patterns with buttons, practicing tracing/ forming  numbers FREE Twinkl Membership Guidance | Parents Guide - Twinkl


Useful Apps on how to develop fine motor skills and strengthening fingers     

  • Tap the Frog
  • Easy Xylophone
  • Dexteria Jr. Lite: Pre-K&K (£0.99)
  • Dexteria Jr (£4.99)