Coronavirus - Parents and carers

  CF Unsure about How to Talk to Your Children about Coronavirus

Your children are likely to have heard a lot about the Coronavirus in school, on the news and on the internet. Some of the things they hear can cause further anxiety and it may make it more difficult for you to help them understand what is going on. You are the best source of information for your children and you can play a key role in helping them make sense of what is happening. It is important to present accurate information, honestly and in a way that is age appropriate for your child.   

The British Psychology Service has created this document with ideas to support you when talking to your child about Coronavirus.

 CF Stay Calm

Children learn from adults and key people around them. It is therefore important that we try to stay calm as well.  Seeing us anxious and worried may make them worry more. It is important that we reassure them and make them feel safe. There is a lot of information available to help you support your children during this difficult time.


CF Ideas to Support

  • Create / stick to a routine to keep things as normal as possible:  We will be sharing examples on our website soon.
  • Limit time (you and your child) on social media:  This can help reduce the likelihood of seeing and hearing news that may not come from reliable and trustworthy sources.
  • Social distancing whilst keeping emotionally connected:  Although we need to keep social distance from others, it is important that we use technology and other methods in order to keep in contact with loved ones and the people around us.
  • Focus on what we can control: Reinforce the things that are within our control e.g., hand washing.
  • If it becomes overwhelming, focus on connection: if the stress of the situation becomes too much, and trying to do school work is adding to your family’s stress, take some time to focus on your relationship. Play a game, have a cuddle, sit and watch a film together – your relationship with your child is the most important thing.


Further information can be found on the following websites: