Developing and enhancing listening skills

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While students with a visual impairment all depend on their ability to listen, they may need help to develop skills to help them to do so more effectively. Young children will benefit from practice with auditory discrimination, or learning to tell which sounds are associated with activities or events. Learning to identify and interpret auditory cues in the environment are an important component of traveling safely and independently. Listening skills include listening comprehension (understanding what we have heard), sound localization (being able to tell where a sound is coming from), and auditory discrimination (identifying what a sound is).

Some ideas to develop/strengthen listening skills

-          Read with your child

-          Play listening games- locate sounds - very near, near, far, very far/ copy clapping patterns/ musical instruments

-          Play a game ‘I can hear with my little ear………’

-          Sing/ listen to music



Useful websites for developing and enhancing listening skills

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Useful apps for developing and enhancing listening skills

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