Emotional Wellbeing Resources

Wellbeing Resources

The 3 Good Things Activity - this is an easy and enjoyable activity to do on your own or as a family. Research suggests that this simple activity can increase our feelings of happiness and support emotional wellbeing. The activity was developed by Martin Seligman who is renowned for initiating and developing research in the field of positive psychology. 

Gratitude Journal

My Happy Place

Belly Breathing

YouTube video Belly Breathing 

Supporting children through bereavement - Gwynedd and Anglesey Educational Psychology Service - This document has been drawn up for teachers, adults and carers who support a child or children who have experienced loss or bereavement.

Wellbeing Workshops / Wellbeing Pack (Secondary) Educational Psychology Service including:

  • Wellbeing Resource Pack – Resource Pack and Video
  • Reducing Anxiety – Workbook and Video
  • Mindfulness – Workbook and Video

The Five Essential Steps of Emotion Coaching - Emotion coaching is an evidence-based strategy based on the research of psychologist John Gottman. It is an approach that adults can use to help children and young people recognise and understand the different emotions they experience, why they occur and find ways of dealing with them.

A list of therapeutic storybooks - A range of self-help books are available from Gwynedd and Anglesey libraries to help with parenting issues such as behavioural problems in children, sleep issues in children, sibling rivalry, issues around teenagers, dealing with particular situations


Providing support following trauma